Our Mission:   Jobs, Housing & Recovery, Inc. (JHR) serves homeless citizens of Baltimore by providing life-sustaining services and by offering access to jobs, housing & recovery from addiction.


   Substance abuse has touched the lives of more than 65% of Maryland residents − through family members, friends, co-workers and others.  Among homeless citizens, it is estimated more than 60% struggle with alcohol or drug abuse.  Sadly, affordable, quality treatment is often very difficult to find.
   Our programs offer comprehensive care that is unique among homeless services providers in Maryland. In addition to food and shelter, we provide our clients with the tools and life skills they need to turn their backs on substance abuse once and for all and move forward in recovery – often after decades of addiction.  The impact of their success resonates throughout the Baltimore community.
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JHR Graduate Class of 2015!

City Councilman Nick Mosby and JHR Executive Director Linda Trotter-Moss address this year's graduates at the Annual JHR Graduation Ceremonies Sunday September 20, 2015.

"We are very close to establishing a new and independent funding stream and we need your help to save JHR..."


Brian C. Daschbach, Sr.
Secretary - Board of Directors
Jobs, Housing & Recovery, Inc. – Baltimore

September 23rd, 2016

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