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Yes, you have reached the JHR web site and I know this isn’t the page you expected to see.

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Dear Friend,


On January 8th I got the phone call no Executive Director wants to receive.  “Ms. Boyer we have a major water leak on the 3rd floor of Carrington House.” 

The sprinkler system pipe froze in the cold weather and shattered releasing water to run through the ceiling nearly the whole length of the building.  The water had found its way into the electrical panels, shorting out most of them.  The 12 computers and server in our GED/computer lab were sitting in a couple inches of water.

Water ran out of the light fixtures on the 2nd floor and down the walls onto the 1st floor and finally into the basement.  Drop ceiling tiles had come apart, and a few of the plaster ceilings were bowing, computers were soaked and the water on the floor was over the top of our shoes. Carrington House is the very heart of our organization with 60 men, three floors of water damage over ten bedrooms per floor plus offices, meeting rooms, computer lab…..Where to even start?

Amazingly while the Director of Operations was on a ladder trying to determine the extent of the broken pipes something truly remarkable was going on around him.  Our clients, the residents of Carrington House, men who maybe just a few months earlier were living on the streets, suffering from addiction, with no hope and direction, had already started the cleanup process.  Joining JHR Staff, the clients carrying buckets and mops, towels and blankets set to work.  They started in on what I thought was almost a hopeless task, and slowly made progress throughout the day.   Staff members coming in on their day off joined in to help.  If a stranger had walked in they would not have been able to tell staff from clients.

                You might wonder why the clients would do this; they told me “it’s my home that’s why”.

Clients were evacuated and electricity was off for several days before we could determine that it was safe.  Recovery goes on at JHR regardless of the circumstance so clients returned to Carrington House, relapse prevention classes continued, clients met with counselors one on one, job coaching went on, life skill training took place, meals were served and men are going about changing their lives.

We are now in the “recovery business” of Carrington House.   Restoration teams are in the house.  Tile is being removed from the floors, moisture is being abated and/or treated, ceilings replaced and drywall replaced or repaired.  Electricity is being rewired and the computers in the computer lab are being evaluated (it is most unlikely they can be salvaged).

Floor by floor repairs continue.  Clients are relocated to other areas of the building and then moved back as repairs move to the next floor.  We are facing over $30,000 in repairs.  We are still finding damage as the restoration company moves forward.

We really need your help!  Please consider making a donation to help us repair our house and continue our mission of changing lives one day at a time one man at a time.

If it’s not possible to help us financially then please pass along a link to our web site to your friends, co-workers, and family. Post it on Facebook, your Blog, and your own web page. Any way you can help get the story out helps




Linda R. Boyer

Executive Director





All the computers were sitting on the floor at the time of the flood.  It's hard to see the water stain indicating how deep the water was.

The insert has been marked to indicate this.



Thanks to your help and generosity the third and second floor have been completed. The cost for these two floors has been well over $100,00.

We still need to to have the work done on the first floor. Another $50,000 to $60,000 still needs to be raised, so we still asking for your continued help and support.

Two-thirds done. Won't you please help us with the final floor?

Thank you